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The Policies Post!

Updated: Mar 16, 2021

Hello! Here's where to find a run-down of Poetry Pulls' Policies.

Feel free to reach out with any questions.


  • Whatever you share with me in a reading is confidential. You're more than welcome to tell your friends about your reading, but I won't be sharing any of your personal details! This includes your email and snail mail addresses.

  • I will never share a poem about you & your reading without your explicit permission first. (If I wish to post your poem online, or in a published collection someday, I will check-in with you first about whether or not you're comfortable with that, if you'd like your name attached to it, and if there are any lines you'd like cut or amended.) I might, however, share excerpted lines in a new poem and different context-- poets tend to borrow from their own archives, after all.

  • I do keep an archive of all the poems I've written about readings, but that collection is for my records only. Again, I'll check with you first before your poem goes anywhere else, and you're always welcome to say "no" to it being made public.

Time Keeping

  • I keep an eye on the clock and manage the flow of a reading to fit within the time frame we have set aside for your reading. In the event that we both have the space, and the conversation is flowing, we might extend the reading; this will be established when we check-in during the last few minutes of our scheduled session. I promise to respect your time and ask that you have the same consideration of mine!

Poems & Sharing

  • Your poems are yours! You're free to do whatever you like with them! If you choose to post them online, I ask that you leave my signature in the corner and tag @poetrypulls

  • If your poem gets lost in the mail, in a move, or any other circumstance, I'm happy to type up another copy and send it your way! Simply send me a request via email with your name and the approximate date of the reading.

  • If a new client books a session and mentions that you referred them, you can plan to receive a thank you email from me with a discount code enclosed.


  • My inbox is always open for questions, thoughts, or musings that cross your mind after receiving your reading and/or writing! It warms my heart to know you're still thinking about the experience, and I am always happy to dive deeper into what we've discussed!

Pricing & Accessibility

  • I am willing to work on a sliding scale for private sessions! Inquiries can be sent to

  • I offer Pay-What-You-Can community days! Keep an eye on my instagram @poetrypulls for updates!


  • For good measure, here's a reiteration of the disclaimer at the bottom of my homepage: Certain states require tarot readers to disclose that the tarot is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a mental-health professional. This is a service based in communication and creation. While it may certainly lift spirits, Poetry Pulls is intended to be an artistic exchange, not a substitute for healthcare. Neither the cards, poetry, nor I can tell you what choices to make or how to live your life. My tools and I are here as guides to help you uncover your own inner strength and truths.


  • Feel free to send me an email!

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