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Rolling into Springtime Reflections

Updated: Mar 28, 2021

It's another gathering over zoom, same chair, same desk, different collection of faces and shoulders. We've broken the ice by inventing extra body parts we wish we had. Rocket heels, cell phone stands, and junk food filters, yes please!

We've taken our 20 minutes to write whatever we feel like writing to the prompt "bananas are cheap" and Eva is using their magical, secret system for selecting who will read next.

Unlike last week, which was my first Sunday in this circle, I offer no explanation or justification before diving into sharing my voice and reading aloud what I've just scribbled, which looks like this:

Okay so, you know that meme that goes something like:

English professor: the deep blue shade of the curtains represent the writer's inner longing for the sea, though it has yet to be expressed, the character stares longingly at a JMW Turner in chapter 17 so we can assume.
The author: ...they just bought some blue curtains.

I like to imagine that the next line in that hypothetical conversation is:

The author: But now that you mention it, I was totally picturing a marine painting when I was working on that chapter; it's so cool that you made that connection! I love it!

I mention this because when I was writing those pages, when I concluded the rule of three about eating seasonally, I used Girl Scout cookies as the example when I thought "what's the total opposite of eating seasonal organics?" But reading it back later that day, I realized Girl Scout Cookies are only available for a handful of months in the year... so my Thin Mint stash is eating seasonally! Anywho, We've now passed the spring equinox and this poem-ologue is ever so slightly outdated, but sometimes poems are like stars in that it takes some time for their light to reach us from their creation. Hoping all of you are feeling the promise of spring and finding joy in the days growing longer than the nights!

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