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Typewritten Tarot from a Poet's Perspective! 

Hello! Welcome!

Here's how this works: 

Book a session, ask your question and/or talk about what's going on in your world while I pull your cards, then we'll go through your Tarot Reading together.

Afterwards, keep an eye on your mailbox for an original poem inspired by your reading to appear! Your one-of-kind poem will be typed on a typewriter and sealed with wax for a little extra magic. 

Never had a Tarot reading before? Unsure of what to expect? Feel free to check out my blog to get acquainted  before you:

Readings & Writings by Samie Jo

Gratuity is always appreciated!

Thank You So Much! 

Disclaimer: Certain states require Tarot readers to disclose that Tarot is for entertainment purposes only. I am not a mental-health professional. This is a service based in communication and creation. While it may certainly lift spirits, Poetry Pulls is intended to be an artistic exchange, not a substitute for healthcare. Neither the cards, poetry, nor I can tell you what choices to make or how to live your life. My tools and I are here as guides to help you uncover your own inner strength and truths.

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